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Cotton Strap NC9001

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*The color will be the same as the main body (similar color). You cannot choose the color.

Convenient adjustable and detachable strap. Length: 165cm. Thickness: 4 to 4.5mm. Made from waxed cotton.

The material is cotton braided

↑When ordering with a strap, a D-ring will be attached to the product.

Cotton Strap NC9001
Cotton Strap NC9001 Sale price¥1,100

Made in JAPAN (NARA)

Native Creation

Native creation based on the concept of "The Quality Of Japan".

This is a factory brand that was started with the desire to convey the quality that can only be found in Japanese products.

Although the design is simple, we pay attention to the details and aim to create products that make the most of the inherent characteristics of natural leather.

Native Creation's products are not distributed through traditional channels, but are manufactured and sold directly to customers.
This allows us to offer our products at prices that are more affordable than those offered at general retail stores through traditional distribution channels, while still maintaining the same quality.